What’s a Little Water Between Best Friends?


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Healthy Dogs

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Professional Grooming

The Highest Standards in Therapeutic and Recreational Swimming

A little bit of exercise and physical therapy helps folks recover from injuries and infirmities. The same idea also applies to dogs afflicted with or recovering from certain illnesses.

Take your dog out for a swim in our pool at Saskatoon, SK and see how fast your pooch gets back into shape. Discover the benefits of canine hydrotherapy at Saskatoon Waterpaws.

We are open all year round. Come swim with your dog no matter the weather or season. Call us to set an appointment today!

Saskatoon Waterpaws
3010E Arlington Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7J 2J9

For General Inquiries: 306-373-7297

For Canine Hydrotherapy and Recreational Swimming: 306-371-5573

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    Why Hydrotherapy?

    We believe that a healthy dog is a happy dog. With hydrotherapy sessions at our heated indoor pool, the recovery of your injured best friend can take place at a faster pace. Get in touch with us for more in-depth information about canine hydrotherapy.

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    Great Exercise All Year Round

    No matter the season, dogs need their exercise, and indoor swimming is a great alternative to exercising outdoors in our cold Saskatchewan winters. Swim your winter blues away! Doggie blow dryers available on site to avoid the sniffles.

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    Look Good, Feel Good

    Dogs are big on instinct and they bounce off the happy energy we have when we’re around them. Bubbly and cuddly go together well. Bring your fine furry friends over for some serious pampered dog grooming at our salon.

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