Dog Grooming Services

There’s no doubt about it: dog owner selfies are rivaled only by cat photos and cuddly pet pictures all over social media. Now just how do your dog-and-owner selfies fare in this department? If your dog hasn’t been groomed in a while, it is time to bring them in for some selfie-worthy grooming at Saskatoon Waterpaws.

There’s no mistaking a happy dog flashing a cute and silly canine smile as you walk it all around Saskatoon, SK. Be your dog’s best friend and make that loyal pet of yours look as good as you do.

happy large brown poodle

Meet Tracy and the Groomers

Sounds like some barking good rock group, but Saskatoon Waterpaws’ courteous and understanding groomers led by Tracy Z. offer more than a decade of experience with a wide variety of dogs. Tracy specializes in hand scissoring specialty cuts, Asian Fusion style, or just customized cuts to your liking. Feel equally confident when having geriatric, injured, and difficult dogs groomed at our centre. Our grooming area focuses on providing a safe and low-stress environment for your pets.

Grooming Prices

Dog Size Small Medium
  • Bath and Brush
$35 $45
  • Plus Trim
$45 $55
  • Full Groom
$55 $65
  • Specialty Cut
$65+ $75+
Dog Size Large X-L
  • Bath and Brush
$55 $6+
  • Plus Trim
$65 $75+
  • Full Groom
$75 $8+
  • Specialty Cut
$85+ $95+

All grooming services are inclusive of nail clipping, ear cleaning, and anal glands cleaning.

Individual Prices

  • Nail Clip – $10

  • Dremel Only – $15

  • Tidy Only – $10

  • Ears and Glands – $10

  • Cat Grooming – $30 – $60+

Post-Swim Rinse and Dry

After your dog’s pool session, we offer post-swim rinse and dry, so they aren’t cold traveling from our building to your car!

Call us today at 306-373-7297 to book for a dog grooming appointment.